Deutsches Museum, München

Deutsches Museum, München

While on my travels over the summer, having a busman’s holiday in the vast and wonderful Deutsches Museum, München, I was enjoying one of the many strategically placed coin-operated massage chairs when I came across a brilliant and exciting new exhibition.

Welcome to the Anthropocene is the first major exhibition in the world to look at the significant impact of human activity on the ecosphere over the past 200 years. Historical artefacts trace the technology that put us on the path to the Anthropocene, while current research presents the challenges we are facing today, as well as possible solutions. Artistic interpretations provide visions for the future and ask us to look at the world in new ways.

The exhibition uses sustainable materials and raw
screenprinted cardboard as a striking threshold.

Interactive reveals are engaging and fun.

This oversized table has AV screens set inside the plates,
and goblets with an audio speaker, inviting visitors to lift
and listen.


Welcome to the Anthropocene – The Earth in Our Hands, Deutsches Museum

Until January 31, 2016

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