Cambo Stables

Cambo Stables

Cambo Heritage Trust

Design and fitout of stables and coach house dating from 1760, telling the story of Cambo estate and its role over the centuries up until the present day.

The displays incorporate graphics, illustration, interactives and digital technology to orientate visitors to the estate and engage them in Cambo’s story. The conservation of the stables took a light-touch approach with minimal intervention and the displays layer materials such as leather, timber and hessian, adding warmth and reflecting the original 18th century palette. A themed approach was taken to the individual stable stalls using a variety of media from audio and film to hands-on activities. One area features profile panels of the volunteers and workers involved on the estate today.

Our work included exhibition space planning, 3D exhibition design, object mounting, graphic design, interactives, illustration, digital design, print material and signage.

The stables at Cambo date to the 1760s and remain remarkably intact. We took a light touch to the interpretation, physically layering content, and allowing the original architecture of the stables to be ’read’.

I can’t tell you how excited we are with the Interpretation. It is absolutely wonderful and brings the stables to life.

Lady Catherine Erskine

The self-supporting A-frame displays ensured that no fixings were made into the building fabric.

Animations on the interactive touchtable provided a fascinating introduction to Cambo’s Picturesque landscape.

An touchtable illustrated interactive map orientated visitors to Cambo Estate and allowed them to explore aspects of the designed landscape.

View towards the shop with updatable blackboard panels to encourage visitors to record wildlife that they have seen during their visit.

Each of the original horse stalls was used to interpret a different theme relating to Cambo’s history.

Research into the Estate’s archives provided content for oral histories and archive images were digitised to form interactive photoalbums.

We made a reference to the stables original use with these customised leather screenprinted saddles.

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