The Eagle Eyrie

The Eagle Eyrie

Southern Uplands Partnership

We were initially commissioned to prepare an interpretation plan to review opportunities to raise public awareness and increase public engagement with the South of Scotland Golden Eagles Project, which translocates eagles to the area, successfully reversing their decline.

We designed a small centre within the Waterwheel Cafe in Selkirk. The Eagle Eyrie presents the story of translocating the golden eagles and explores the history of the eagles in southern Scotland. The displays are designed to engage a family audience and include film, hands-on games and interactives and object displays. Volunteers run the Centre and offer handling opportunities for in-depth engagement. Sound interactives invite visitors to listen to bird calls to Recognise the Raptors and a ‘Who’s Who’ game is designed to engage visitors in recognising the differences between species.

All photos by Phil Wilkinson.

Visitors can listen to bird calls of different raptors.

Studioarc were professional, flexible and always supportive from the outset. They took a loose concept with tight and challenging parameters and created a truly inspiring and beautiful space.

Philip Munro, South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

Object displays allow visitors to discover more about golden eagles and understand their ecology.

A ‘Who’s Who’ game invites visitors to describe visual clues to deduce which bird their partner has chosen.

Volunteers work with visitors to provide hands-on opportunities.

Graphics are designed to have high visual impact while communicating complex messages.

The interpretation is designed to engage families and promote discussion.

The interpretation is designed to engage families and promote discussion.

A film tells the story of the work of the South of Scotland Golden Eagles project.

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