Palace Vaults, Stirling Castle

Palace Vaults, Stirling Castle

Historic Scotland

This series of five interactive chambers below the palace allow children to explore life at court 500 years ago. Taking a highly sensory and interactive approach they focus on the musicians, painters, carvers, tailors and jesters at the Stewart Court.

Displays include musical interactives, puzzles, dressing up costumes, animatronics, tactile carvings, games, pepper’s ghosts and lots of sound, touch and smell interactives.

Each of the Vaults contains a carved 3D mouse for children to find.

“This exhibition space is nicely
presented so it has bite-sized
history, great for both adults
and kids as it’s just enough info
to serve adult appetites for
information and colourful and
fact centred for younger kids’
attention spans.”

Visitor review

A tactile interactive workbench in the Carver’s Vault. Visitors can see and touch the different stages of carving and the tools involved. An inset screen plays a film of the carver at work.

Hands-on musical instruments in the Musician’s Vault allow children to explore the type of instruments played at court in the 1540s.

Illustrated mice are used throughout the Palace Vaults to signal interactive activities.

The colours on the paint palette light up when the discs with pictures of the different minerals and vegetables are placed in the correct country.

The Tailor’s Vault. Book written in rhyme to show the different layers of clothes which the king and queen wore in the 16th century.

Trying on replica dressing up costumes in the Tailor’s Vault.

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