Facing the World

Facing the World

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Design of Facing the World at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, which featured an outstanding selection of portraits spanning six centuries, from Rembrandt to Ai Weiwei’s instagram posts. Our work involved exhibition design, graphics and interactives. A highlight of the exhibition was the digital art installation in which visitors’ portraits were captured and output as passport-style photos. Simultaneously, the photographs were digitised and relayed to the exhibition space, where they were displayed on screens around the gallery, creating new and constantly evolving artworks.

Our work involved exhibition space planning, concepts, 3D exhibition design, artwork layouts, object mounting, graphic design, typography and interactive elements.

Arranged thematically, rather than chronologically, the exhibition encouraged visitors to think about connections across the generations.


Working with Studioarc
Design Consultants has been invigorating and exciting.
They bring creative solutions
to museum and gallery displays together with reliability and not forgetting, fun, to a project.

Imogen Gibbon, Deputy Director, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

“Fascinating” The Scotsman.


“A brilliant exhibition” Daily Mail.


“Self-portraiture has turned the mirror round and is now pointing
it at us”

The Sunday Times.

Wall and caption colours were carefully chosen to complement and enhance the artwork.

The exhibition design employed tall free-standing partitions to transform the gallery into an exploratory space, punctuated with intriguing sightlines.

Visitors became part of the exhibition by having their photograph taken in the Flick EU photo booth. The portraits were then displayed on screens within the exhibition.

Marina Abramovic’s intense artwork was housed within an intimate black box, enhancing visitors’ reactions to her work.

The thematic arrangement of artworks encouraged visitors to consider ways in which self portraiture has both changed and remained unaltered over the centuries.

Our custom-designed sketching station was extremely popular with visitors keen to turn their hand to self-portraiture.

Some of us didn't have to look far before we found a connection to the past!

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