Rosslyn Chapel

We were initially appointed at Rosslyn Chapel in 2005 to develop a strategy for managing the unprecedented number of visitors following the publication of ‘The Da Vinci Code’. We were subsequently appointed to develop the interpretive plan for the site which formed part of the successful NLHF bid for a new visitor centre which we went on to deliver. Our work encompassed the design of cafe and gift shop and the design and implementation of the signage strategy across the site. We continue to work with the Trust providing on-going support for interpretation, as well as designing marketing and educational material, and have played a key role in helping to develop a range of themed collections for the gift shop, creating bespoke packaging, branding and point of sale.


Rosslyn Chapel Trust


Interpretation Masterplan
Support for NLHF application
Exhibition Design
Graphic Design
Digital Strategy and Design
Shop Design
Print and Publications

Scottish Thistle Awards
Best Visitor Attraction, 2016

Scottish Design Awards
Finalist, 2013


When we first became involved at Rosslyn Chapel, visitor numbers averaged 8,000 visitors annually and visitor facilities were extremely limited. The phased development of a new visitor centre, cafe and shop has seen annual visitor numbers rise to over 180,000. The Chapel building is small and the footprint of the site relatively constrained; a key part of our interpretation strategy involved the development of a visitor management strategy to disperse visitors throughout the site and to manage peak times when maximum numbers of visitors are on site.

“Studioarc have a very friendly and professional approach, a willingness to provide the highest quality and a desire to maintain a positive, ongoing relationship with their clients. I am grateful we have their involvement here, always enjoy working with them and am delighted to endorse them.”

Ian Gardner, Director, Rosslyn Chapel Trust


We developed a digital strategy to support the interpretation of the Chapel. We worked with the University of Edinburgh Department of Informatics, taking their cloud point data scans and turning them into digital interactives to allow visitors to explore the Chapel’s carvings in more detail. This was particularly useful as many of the carvings are inaccessible. Our work highlighted features of carvings which had not been fully recognised before and earned a Tourism Innovation Award. We also commissioned Taffy Thomas, the UK’s first Storyteller Laureate, to tell the stories and legends of Rosslyn Chapel. We recorded him and developed a series of animated films to bring the stories to life. These are housed within suspended booths, providing an immersive experience with enhanced sound quality.

“The visitor center is a great introduction to this fantastic piece of history. Take the time to absorb all the mysteries found inside!”

Visitor Review

Branding & Packaging

As an extension of our interpretation work, we have created site specific merchandise and have developed a number of themed collections with supporting point of sale, bespoke packaging and branding. These range from Chapel-related products presented through ‘A Treasure in Stone’, to the ‘Countess Collection’ with bespoke toiletries and stationery, from children’s products in the ‘William the Chapel Cat’ collection to luxury packaging for limited edition whisky and gin. We also regularly design and produce print publications, marketing and educational material for the Chapel, including material in multiple languages.

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