Aberdeen Art Gallery

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Aberdeen City Council

Interpretation and redesign of the exhibition galleries, digital strategy and signage for the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Nineteen galleries plus the Sculpture Court and Remembrance Hall have been transformed with new interpretation aimed at engaging a wide audience. Each of the galleries draws on a different theme and integrates innovative interpretation and design to highlight stories and enrich the experience for visitors as they engage with the art and objects on display.

Each gallery space has been designed to respond to its subject matter ranging from quieter, more contemplative spaces such as the Remembrance Hall to active galleries which aim to engage families and younger visitors

Digital technology is integrated throughout including the Collections Wall, a three-metre wide multi-touch interactive display wall where visitors can explore hundreds of objects from the collection, play games and vote for their favourite work, influencing future displays. We also designed the innovative +music system which features ‘Music to Watch Art By’. Responding to the brief to encourage young people to the Art Gallery, +music provides around 500 curated tracks which visitors can listen to in each of the galleries, adding richness and diversity to their experience.

All photos copyright: Aberdeen City Council (Art Gallery & Museums)


There’s a great deal of creativity in how the works have been arranged, and there are plenty of surprises . . . Part of me wants to drag people in off the street to see what has been achieved here. If this collection was in London, people would be queueing to get in.

The Scotsman

The Balmoral Phenomenon gallery surprises with combining Rachel Mclean’s film, The Lion and the Unicorn, made in 2014 at the time of the independence referendum, with portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Remembrance Hall has been transformed into a beautiful, contemplative space featuring a Gallery of Memories.

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