Digital technology has an important place in our work, allowing audiences to engage more widely and deeply with cultural heritage content and collections. We develop digital strategies and create digital experiences in response to audience needs, providing layered content to engage visitors with different learning styles. Immersive experiences, film, interactive audio, soundscapes and digital interactives can maximise engagement by helping to meet the needs of existing visitors as well as attracting new audiences.


Aberdeen Art Gallery
Rangers Museum
Kilmartin Museum
Provost Skene’s House
Adventure Planet
The National Wallace Monument
Mackintosh at the Willow
Rip It Up!
Cambo Stables
Stirling Castle
The Devil’s Porridge Museum
Parasites: Battle for Survival


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Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences engage audiences in powerful ways. We develop digital technology to immerse visitors in the experience, enabling them to be part of the story. Immersive technology empowers audiences to explore content, stories and collections in highly interactive and innovative ways. We use immersive technology to enhance accessibility and to breakdown language barriers, allowing deeper engagement.

The Hall of Heroes at Provost Skene’s House communicates stories with minimal text or spoken word, while the wrap-round screen at Rip It Up immersed visitors in a ‘live’ music experience with surround-sound and footage of memorable gigs. At Rangers Museum we harnessed the power of digital technology to create an inclusive and enriching environment for all.

Digital interactives

We develop digital interactives to enhance visitor engagement. From the Collections Wall at Aberdeen Art Gallery which invites visitors to explore over 5,000 objects from the collection and to influence future displays, to the six-metre digital wall at Rangers Museum where visitors can assemble their own ‘Dream Team’ and see how it compares with others, digital interactives can contribute hugely to visitor understanding and enjoyment.

At The National Wallace Monument, we used a range of innovative technology including a series of digital interactives where visitors can design their own coat-of-arms and see it projected onto a life-sized shield where they can pose for a selfie.

Film treatments

We use film to create context for exhibitions, to immerse visitors in stories and to communicate in-depth narratives. Creative film treatments can surprise and engage. At Mackintosh at the Willow a large wall of digital ‘dinner plates’ contain film and animated imagery to set the scene for the city at the turn of the 20th century. In another part of the exhibition, visitors can sit on a reproduction Mackintosh chair to watch the specially commissioned film which explores Mackintosh’s design of The Willow, bringing to life his original drawings for the building.

At The National Wallace Monument, we developed an immersive film treatment maximising visual impact through commissioned animation. Minimal narration and a dynamic soundtrack are used to tell the powerful story of Wallace’s victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Interactive audio

We develop engaging audio content to enhance the sensory and emotional
experience of visitors to museums, galleries and exhibitions. At Aberdeen Art Gallery, we developed ‘+music’ as a central strand of the digital strategy. Designed as ‘music to watch art by’, this app was created in response to market analysis which found that one-third of non-visitors said they were most interested in music.

+music acts as a fifth wall within each gallery. We provided high quality branded headphones to enhance the listening experience which numbers around  500 different curated tracks, ranging from Beyonce to Beethoven.

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