Hands-on interactives

Nearly all projects we design include hands-on interactives as part of a strategy to create learning opportunities. We know that visitors learn through doing, participation and hands-on engagement, and we design robust bespoke interactives which communicate messages, reveal meanings and make learning fun.


Adventure Planet
Provost Skene’s House
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Rangers Museum
Mackintosh at the Willow
Blitzed Brits
Rosslyn Chapel
The Eagle Centre
Stirling Castle
Kilmartin Museum
Museum of Childhood


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Sensory interactives

Designing for diverse audiences is an important part of our work. We regularly develop tactile and sensory interactives which engage visitors through touch, smell, sound and vision. For children in particular, these type of interactives not only encourage discovery, but can aid motor skills and cognitive development.

Games and puzzles

Creating bespoke games and puzzles enables us to communicate, what can sometimes be complex stories, in engaging ways. These type of interactives can also benefit visitors who favour social and interpersonal learning styles, and we develop them to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities.

Creative expression

Museums, galleries and visitor attractions have an important role to play in fostering and supporting creative expression. Developing content which encourages creativity brings benefits through individual expression and the opportunity to share creative content with others.

Learning by doing

We are firm believers in the benefits which hands-on participation brings in terms of knowledge and understanding. Recent exhibitions have encouraged experiential learning through the development of skills, in everything from spinning wool and grinding flour to learning how to milk a cow! More complex ideas can also be explored through hands-on interactives which encourage discovery and expand visitors’ understanding.

Role play and imagination

Exhibitions can be challenging and provocative but we also believe the visitor experience should be fun. Creating environments where children and adults can use their imagination and explore through role play and physical interaction is known to encourage repeat visits and enhance visitor satisfaction.

If you’ve got a project in mind or would like to find out more about our work to design hands-on interactives, give our friendly team a shout

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